Blog post thumbnail Flower Shop - Florium Sotogrande in Cádiz, Spain

At Florium flower shop, in “Summer” mode!

Good morning all! Well, here we in full summer mode and working harder than ever! This has to be the busiest summer in a very …

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Florium Sotogrande, among best delivery Flower Shops - Florist Review

Florium, among best options for flower delivery in Spain

Today, we share with you a publication on another Blog. Original and complete article at: Best Florist Review, Flower delivery in Spain Here is the …

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Time for a change in our Flower Shop in Sotogrande - Florium a flower store in Sotogrande, Cádiz - Spain

Time for a Change in our Flower Shop

Hello Everybody, All of us have gone through huge changes and upheavals recently and are still adapting to new circumstances, what’s happening to our world …

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Florium´s 15th Anniversary - Flower Shop in Sotogrande - Florium Sotogrande, San Roque, Pueblo Nuevo - Cádiz, Spain

Florium´s, the top Flower Shop in Sotogrande, celebrates it´s 15th Anniversary!

Hello Everybody, The Article´s picture is of Oonie and me back in the day before we moved up to the “Big Shop” where Florium is …

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Florium will be Back very soon

Hello Everybody, I’m back people!!! We can open officially on Monday May 11th! We will only be open in the morning for now but we …

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So many bouquets on this Día de la Madre - Flower Shop - Florium Sotogrande, Cádiz - Spain 1

So many bouquets on this “Día de la Madre”

Hello Everybody, Wow what a great weekend we have had! I have never made so many bouquets on this day DIA DE LA MADRE” before! …

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Old Photo of Rossie Luke, starting my Flower Shop - Florium Sotogrande, Cádiz - Spain

Old Photo of me, starting my Flower Shop in Sotogrande!

Hello Everybody, I found this very old and deteriorated photo of me when I started my Flower Shop business in Sotogrande from what seems like …

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Our Flower Shop Easter Window - Florium Sotogrande, Cádiz - Spain 3

Florium Easter Window is set!

Hello Everybody, Here’s our new spring/ Easter window. It’s turned out to be quite quirky and different to our usual chicks and eggs Easter Theme …

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Rossi Luke nieces Flower Shop - Florium Sotogrande, Cádiz - Spain 4

Lovely hair wreath mix of dried and silk flowers

Hello Everybody, I hope you’re all well and keeping calm and distracted ! Life can’t get any weirder at the moment but we all have …

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